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The solution to modern Transportation starts with vision. Our unique combination of consulting knowledge, assurance and regulatory services make organizations more resilient,and in turn inspires trust in their products, systems, services, and the world we live in.

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 Ours Products are Green, Clean and Sustainable for environment. This is the only Charging solution Specially Designed to meet the need of your Business.Taking you on the ride into the future of modern transportation and Technology

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Clarence Thedford Founder and CEO of Mile High Solution Network LLC

Mile High Solution Network LLC is A Colorado based Business Manufacturer of some of the world's leading Green Energy Solution. Mr. Thedford's the Owner and CEO latest products are ready to take the industry with some of the fastest EV Charging Stations and green solutions available on today's market. As a resident born and raised in Birmingham AL, He worked as a retired Coal Miner before becoming ill along with his family after toxic environmental exposures. Through this journey Mr. Thedford became passionate about making a change for the environment. He had a desire to save his family and the planet from the blinding harm of toxic environmental exposures. Even though he had the luxury to retire before the early age of forty, he still somehow felt the need to make a difference. His Vision is focused on both the health of humanity worldwide and the well-being of our planet. His Mission is to save millions of lives by significantly reducing global air pollution and hazardous toxic chemicals from the atmosphere, waterways, and habitats while restoring earths ecological balance and environment before permanent damage occurs. MHSN products and sustainable solutions are provided in all most every country in the world. Its sales and distributions are expecting a massive growth in months and years to come by supporting President Biden's goal to create a Carbon Pollution free power sector by 2035, and net Zero emissions by 2050. Mr. Thedford has made a commitment through his company MHSN to produce ecological solution in the highest level of effectiveness while maintaining international safety standards and certification.